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Yours And Mine Inclusive Education
Mr Khumbulani Cele

Yours And Mine Inclusive Education

Non-profit organisation

Khumbulani Cele, a Foundation Phase educator from Umlalazi in Kwazulu-

Natal with specialised knowledge in learning disabilities - is the founder of Yours and Mine Inclusive Organisation that mobilises testing for learning disabilities, ensuring that affected children receive the necessary support to grow in confidence and thrive academically.

The project also seeks to provide tailored career choices and guidance to empower these children to explore their full potential to contribute meaningfully to society.

Moreover, Khumbulani and his organisation are committed to establishing a strong and supportive community of stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and professionals, to foster an inclusive and nurturing learning environment.

The educational material on learning disabilities, which Yours and Mine

offers to both parents and teachers, undoubtedly raises awareness and promotes a deeper understanding of learning disabilities. The tools and resources provided by the project are also instrumental in assisting teachers and parents to be effective in supporting children with learning disabilities.

Also, Khumbulani's initiative to conduct research on teachers' understanding and misconceptions about learning disabilities showcases his commitment to evidence-based interventions and continuous improvement in the education system.

The awareness programs in schools and communities further exemplify his dedication to fostering empathy and exclusivity for children with learning disabilities.

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